AMA Conferences 2015 – 19-21 May 2015 Nuremberg, Germany

Scope of the SENSOR 2015

A Sensor principles B Sensor technology
A.1 Mechanical sensors B.1 Sensor design
A.2 Optical sensors
B.2 Numerical simulation of sensors
A.3 Ultrasonic sensors  B.3 Sensor materials
A.4 Microacoustic sensors B.4 MEMS technology
A.5 Magnetic sensors B.5 Micro-Nano-Integration
A.6 Impedance sensors B.6 Packaging
A.7 Gas sensors B.7 Materials
A.8 Flow sensors B.8 Thin films
A.9 Dimensional measurement B.9 Sensor production
A.10 Temperature and humidity sensors B.10 Sensor reliability
A.11 Chemosensors  B.11 Calibration and testing
A.12 Biosensors B.12 Optical fibre sensors
A.13 Embedded sensors    
Sensor-actuator systems

C Sensor electronics and communication D Applications
C.1 Sensor electronics D.1 Medical measuring technology
C.2 Sensor networks D.2 Ambient assisted living
C.3 Wireless sensors D.3 Process measuring technology
C.4 Sensor communication D.4 Automotive
C.5 Energy harvesting D.5 Sensors in energy technology
C.6 Measuring systems D.6 Production technology
C.7 Embedded systems D.7 Security technology
C.8 Self-monitoring and diagnosis D.8 Smart home
    D.9 Household technology

Scope of the IRS² 2015

Infrared sensors F Infrared system components
E.1 Photon detectors F.1 Infrared optics
E.2 Thermal detectors F.2 Optical modulators
E.3 Cooled detectors F.3 Infrared optical filters
E.4 Uncooled detectors F.4 Signal and image processing
E.5 Sensor modules    
E.6 Sensor packaging    
Infrared systems and applications    
G.1 Thermal imaging    
G.2 Pyrometry / contactless temperature measurement    
G.3 Gas analysis    
G.4 Spectroscopy    
G.5 Motion control and presence detection    
G.6 Security and safety monitoring    
G.7 Non-destructive testing