Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2009 B6.1 - Optical Sensors for Harsh Environments A. Harpin - Oxsensis Ltd, Didcot, Great Britain
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2009 B6.2 - A Spectral Filter Analyzer for Sampling of Optical Bragg Grating Sensors N. Samfirescu, T. Tschudi, M. Bader, G. Jakob - Photonik Zentrum Hessen in Wetzlar AG, Wetzlar, Germany, K. Plies, T. Schanze - CORRSYS 3D Sensors AG, Wetzlar, Germany
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2009 B6.3 - Detection and Classification of Explosive Compounds in Presence of Interferents Utilizing Laser Ion Mobility Spectrometry A. Langmeier, C. Oberhuettinger, W. Heep, H. Oberpriller, S. Beer, M. Kessler, J. Goebel, G. Mueller - EADS Innovation Works Germany, Munich, Germany
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2009 B6.4 - Liquid-based Sensor Systems Applying Novel Optofluidic Elements Fabricated by Micro-Stereolithography M. Rosenauer, M. Vellekoop - Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria