Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
AMA Conferences 2017 3.1 - Motion Deblurring of Infrared Images B. Oswald-Tranta - University of Leoben (Austria)
AMA Conferences 2017 3.2 - Uncertainties of Thermographic Measurements Exercises S. Dudzik, W. Minkina - Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland)
AMA Conferences 2017 4.2 - Thermopile Infrared Arrays with ultra wide field of view for person detection and building automation R. Funk, J. Schieferdecker, M. Simon, B. Forg, M. Schnorr, F. Herrmann, C. Schmidt - Heimann Sensor GmbH, Dresden (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2017 4.3 - CaliPile TM: Wide Angle Lens-less Motion- and Presence Detection P. Jasinski, M. Mattes, H. Ernst, F. Plotz, J. Schilz - Excelitas Technologies, Wiesbaden (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2017 4.5 - Compact pyroelectric detectors based on micro-machined chip carriers A. Günther, M. Ebermann - InfraTec GmbH, Dresden (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2017 P1 - Selection of suitable excitation and recording conditions for active lock-in thermography with the help of parameter studies G. Schober, C. Kolb, S. Kremling, M. Werner - SKZ – German Plastics Center, Würzburg (Germany), M. Fink - Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2017 P2 - Multiple Flash Thermography for Non-destructive Testing of lightweight components G. Schober, S. Kremling, T. Hochrein - SKZ – German Plastics Center, Würzburg (Germany), D. Hoffmann - Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg (Germany), A. Stöhr - HENSEL-VISIT GmbH & Co. KG, Würzburg (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2017 P4 - The measurement system for thermographic research on characteristic of cooling selected radiators in conditions of free convection W. Minkina, D. Klecha - Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland)
AMA Conferences 2017 P5 - Determining the Dimension of Subsurface Defect by Active IR - Experimental Research S. Gryś - Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland)