Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P5 - Thermo Portal at the Gotthard Road Tunnel L. Fischer, C. Durrer - ECTN AG, Buochs (Switzerland), U. Hoffmann - DIAS Infrared GmbH, Dresden (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P6 - Image Processing of Thermal Images using Wavelets D. Rolle, H. Budzier, G. Gerlach - Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P7 - Design of Diffractive Optical Elements for Gas Analyzing Photometers C. Graulig, A. Grjasnow, R. Riesenberg - Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P8 - Application of PZT Thin-Film Technology for Angular Resolved Flame Detection S. Hoppe, M. Ebermann, N. Neumann - InfraTec GmbH, Dresden (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P9 - Applying CEAS Method to Investigation of NO and N2O Absorption Lines in Infrared Spectra R. Mędrzycki, J. Mikołajczyk, J. Wojtas, Z. Bielecki, D. Szabra - Military University of Warsaw (Poland)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P10 - Project of the Security Portals for Explosives Detection using CEAS Sensor R. Mędrzycki, J. Wawer, Z. Bielecki, J. Mikołajczyk, J. Wojtas, M. Nowakowski - Military University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P11 - Experimental Comparison of a Gated-Viewing System and a 3-D Flash LADAR System in Terms of Range Precision Under Different Turbulence Conditions B. Göhler, P. Lutzmann - Fraunhofer Institute (IOSB), Ettlingen (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P12 -Out-of-plane Translatory MEMS Actuator with Extraordinary Large Stroke for Optical Path Length Modulation in Miniaturized FTIR Spectrometers T. Sandner, T. Grasshoff, H. Schenk, A. Kenda - Fraunhofer Institut (IPMS), Dresden (Germany)