3.4 - Dispersive IR-Spectroscopy for harsh environment based on thermopile elements realized with TPL640 (thermopile line array)

AMA Conferences 2013
2013-05-14 - 2013-05-16
Proceedings IRS² 2013
I3 - Spectroscopy and Gas Analysis
S. Biermann, P. Sachse, A. Magi, H. Klaubert - Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, Hermsdorf (Germany), F. Hänschke - Institut für Photonische Technologien e.V., Jena (Germany)
65 - 70


The condition monitoring of technical fluids and gases is a fundamental key challenge for the success of ongoing efforts to save valuable fossil resources like oil and gas and to protect our environment in the future. It’s a prerequisite for an optimized utilization of raw materials and in this context essential for a cost efficient production of goods in the entire industry. So more and more often there is a substantial need for robust, cost efficient and also portable measurement devices for condition monitoring. Capitalizing on the advantages of the 64- pixel line array TPL640 it’s possible to build up dispersive infrared spectrometers which have the desired properties.
The 64- pixel line thermopile array detects infrared radiation and converts it to an analog voltage signal. Such important parameters like high sensitivity and specific detectivity of each pixel are top values in comparison to other similar products on the market. The excellent spectral range of sensitivity from 0.7-25 μm allows various applications. Special absorption layers can be established according to the specific equirements of the application.
For realization of complete spectrometer systems IR-sources are a necessary key component. Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH developed a range of different packages -JSIR350- based on patented NAC (nano amorphous carbon) MEMS chips which are aligned to various applications. The sources ideally meet requirements for pulsed operations within a range of 1 … 100 Hz. Excellent properties regarding highest emissivity due to very high membrane temperature and special developed packaging technologies for robust and hermetically sealed housings are key arameters of these components.