6.2 - Mini Mobile Telemetry System Application

etc2016 - 36. European Telemetry and Test Conference
2016-05-10 - 2016-05-12
Nürnberg, Germany
6. Ground & Onboard TLM systems
S. Cora, M. Arpacioglu, H. Eser - TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc., Kazan-Ankara (Turkey)
201 - 205


Mini Mobile Telemetry System is a ruggedized pc with three screens which the receiver board, the decommutator board and the GPS time generator board has placed in. Customized panels are used for RF, GPS signal inputs and serial data outputs for the flexible operational usage of the system. Various types of antennas are used for different operational scenarios.
Mini Mobile Telemetry System which is designed and configured for special needs of TAI Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc., serves for three main purposes.
The first purpose of the system is to serve such a portable telemetry station which one person could transport, install and operate on field easily. System could support up to three flight test engineers with customized displays which could be enough for a low risk test flight without occupying huge telemetry ground station.
The second purpose of the system is to have the chance for to be fixed in a mid-size A/C such a flying test bed. The real time visualization of data which is gathered from the vehicle under test during a flight test is possible. There will be no problem about the target range in reasonable ranges and LOS on the A/C that chase the vehicle under test with proper antenna installation.
The third purpose of the system is to serve such a flying relay station for scenarios that LOS or range limits between ground station and vehicle under test could not be achieved. Such maneuvers performed at low altitude or out of range for receiving antenna on ground could be examples.