7.2 - Telemetry Band C & S capabilities integrated for test range activities

etc2016 - 36. European Telemetry and Test Conference
2016-05-10 - 2016-05-12
Nürnberg, Germany
7. Antennas & Tracking
A. Mesa Fortún, N. Seoane Vieira, A. Corrales Sierra - National Institute for Aerospace Technology - INTA, Mazagón-Huelva (Spain)
210 - 215


INTA as Governmental Center and Public Research Establishment specialized in the aerospace field; it is in charge of 2 important roles in Spain. Certification accoding to Regulation for Defense Airworthiness Royal Decrete 866/2015 and test means for aeronautical programs declared as “defense strategic”.
"El Arenosillo" test range (INTA/CEDEA) has been for fifty years the Official test Range for Spanish Ministry of Defense, in order to support all development, certification and qualification programs for Military and Civil Aircrafts. Manned & unmanned aircrafts and their systems integration. INTA has been supporting as Government Furnished Facilities (GFF´s) tests for Certification, Qualification and Development flight test activities.
According to the needs that have been requested by Industry and Government, INTA/CEDEA had implemented a new autotracking system for Band C and S in 2015. In a very short time (only 15 minutes), it is possible to swap from one band to the other with a modular structure. It means to save costs in order to complaint all types of exercises. Additionally, this new autotracking capability has been fully integrated at INTA/CEDEA. It means that it coexists with 3 RADAR´s systems and 4 optronic systems. It lets to coordinate and optimize test activities sharing information from one system to the rest.
Aim of current abstract is to show the way this telemetry system has been integrated coexisting with additional system and providing its own test information for tracking capabilities as main data source to slave rest of sensors. In addition, when this new system is working in slave mode in order to catch aerial vehicle and provide telemetry data for flight test activities.