8.1 - Instrumentation for Outer Measurements in Aeronautical Applications

etc2016 - 36. European Telemetry and Test Conference
2016-05-10 - 2016-05-12
Nürnberg, Germany
8. Wireless Data Acquisition
A. Laurent - La Mesure Sur Mesure - LMSM, Aix-en-Provence (France)
219 - 224


Measuring a lot of in flow wall parameters (more than thousands like pressure, acoustic, temperature, vibration…) needs to set up sensors on the outer airframe skin where temperature is as low as -40°c (-40°F), flow Mach number as high as 0.92 and dynamic pressure as high as 320 hPa. The installation has to avoid any disturbance of both the flow and the measured signals.
But setting up sensors and connecting them to a data acquisition system which has to be powered is very time consuming. For a flight test, a lot of data had to be extracted in order to analyze them. LMSM has developed a system for solving such challenge by sticking the whole system (power, acquisition system, control system and wireless downloading). Thanks to its CaptiFlex™ technology, tested by DGA EV in flight (www.captiflex.fr), it avoids any hole into the airframe and it allows different kinds of sensors to be housed in a same CaptiFlex™ device.
Our paper will detail a new autonomous power and wireless system for taking highly resolution pictures of a commercial Aircraft leading edge during long term experimentation (14 months).
The system operates at flight temperature (-40°C up to 70°C) and includes a power supply, a micro-camera, control system and software, and a CaptiFlex™ architecture allowing the system to be to stick down the outer skin of an aircraft.
The system is very fast to install and cuts the costs not only in workshop but also for the program by getting more flight parameter values at the same time.
Thanks to Clean Sky and Airbus collaboration and thanks to Captronic support, LMSM has achieved the requirements of this very innovative solution which is now a product adaptable to other applications.