Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
AMA Conferences 2013 B8.1 - Motion State Prediction by Unaided Inertial Micro-Machined Accelerometers K. Keunecke, G. Scholl - Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2013 B8.2 - Strategies for correcting the workpiece deformation during the manufacturing at the milling process M. Eggebrecht, A. Georgiadis, T. Wagner - Leuphana University of Lueneburg (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2013 B8.3 - Design and Fabrication of a 5 MHz Concave Phased Array Probe J. Fischer, T. Herzog, S. Walter - Fraunhofer IZFP-D, Dresden (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2013 B8.4 - Plasma Cleaning and Coating of Sensor Components C. Dietel - Diener electronic GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)