Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
AMA Conferences 2013 A2.1 - High-G and High Bandwidth Characterization of Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometers for Crash Test Applications S. Kühne, T. Kiko, C. Cavalloni - Kistler Instrumente AG, Winterthur (Switzerland), U. Lang - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Horw (Switzerland), R. Theurillat, R. Leine - Center of Mechanics, Zurich (Switzerland)
AMA Conferences 2013 A2.2 - Sensory characteristics of carbon fiber based strain sensors and integration techniques into textile reinforced structures for in situ monitoring of thermoplastic composites E. Haentzsche, A. Nocke, A. Matthes, C. Cherif - Dresden University of Technology (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2013 A2.3 - U-Shaped Wire Based Resonators for Viscosity and Mass Density Sensing M. Heinisch, E. Reichel, B. Jakoby - Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria)
AMA Conferences 2013 A2.4 - Capacitive Sensors from Low Cost to High Resolution on Printed Circuit Boards A. Bülau, A. Schwenck, K. Fritz, H. Kück - HSG-IMAT, Stuttgart (Germany)