Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 D1.1 - High Temperature Stability of New Single Crystal Piezoelectric Sensors C. Cavalloni, R. Sommer, M. Waser - Kistler Instrumente AG, Winterthur (Switzerland)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 D1.2 - Temperature-Independent Resistive Oxygen Sensors Based on Sr[Ti,Fe]Ox Solid Solutions R. Eichel - Universität Freiburg (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 D1.3 - Characterization of Ageing of Solid Electrolyte Sen¬sors by Impedance Spectroscopy J. Zosel, F. Gerlach, K. Ahlborn, U. Guth - Meinsberg Kurt-Schwabe Research Institute, Ziegra-Knobelsdorf, A. Solbach, D. Tuchtenhagen - ACEOS GmbH, Fürth, C. Treu, H. Heelemann - Software & Technologie Glas GmbH, Cottbus (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 D1.4 - High-Temperature Stable Electrodes for Langasite Based Surface Acoustic Wave Devices D. Richter, H. Fritze - Technische Universität Clausthal, Goslar (Germany)