Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 C8.1 - Chemical Sensors in Environmental Chemistry - Monitoring Air and liquid Phase F. Dickert, B. Najafi, S. Yagub, M. Ghulam, S. Aigner, P. Lieberzeit - University of Vienna (Austria), I. Heeren - Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 C8.2 - Optochemical Sensor Intrumentation for Continuous Monitoring of Abdominal Oxygen Tension by Microdialysis A. Bizzarri, M. Cajlakovic, M. Suppan, V. Ribitsch - JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungs¬gesellschaft mbH, Graz, (Austria)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 C8.3 - Cell-Based in Vitro Systems for Continous Monitoring of Bioenergetics and Cell Impedance R. Ehret, S. Drechsler, A. Kob, M. Wego, S. Ortinau - Bionas GmbH, Rostock (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 C8.4 - Disposable Biosensor Arrays with Integrated Microfluidics for Biomedical- and Biotechnology Process-Monitoring G. Jobst, I. Moser - Jobst Technologies GmbH, Freiburg (Germany)