5.6 - Onboard Flight Termination System with Electronic Safe&Arm Mechanism: A Rapid Solution for High Velocity Flight Vehicles

etc2016 - 36. European Telemetry and Test Conference
2016-05-10 - 2016-05-12
Nürnberg, Germany
5. Data Links
M. Aktas, C. Ertugrul, C. Karakus - Roketsan Missiles Inc., Ankara (Turkey)
188 - 195


Flight Termination System is a key element for range safety during flight tests of high velocity flight vehicles, like missiles, sounding rockets or launch vehicles. Range safety regulations require immediate termination of errant flight either by an RF flight termination signal from ground stations or by an onboard autonomous decision mechanism. On the other hand, tight schedules of related projects put engineers under pressure.

An Onboard Flight Termination System with Electronic Safe&Arm Mechanism developed by Roketsan and has completed three successful developmental flights. COTS products are used to shape the architecture of FTS which has been demonstrated to be a viable, reconfigurable and rapid solution for tight schedules of planned flight test activities. It was shown that FTS is capable of protecting life and property in event of an errant vehicle by terminating the flight. It is capable of replacing current humanintheloop systems or acting in parallel with them. FTS is configurable prior to flight with respect to mission specific rules set agreed upon by the range safety authority and the user to protect the public and assure mission success. This paper discusses the motivation for the project, describes the method of development and presents an overview of the architecture and the compatibility with RCC 319 standard.