4.3 - Design of Telemetry System for Low Orbit Satellite Based On Short Message Service of BeiDou III Navigation Satellite System

ettc2018 - European Test and Telemetry Conference
2018-06-26 - 2018-06-28
Nürnberg, Germany
4. RF Design
S. Ding - Beijing Space Quest CO., LTD., Xicheng District, Beijing (China)
94 - 96


The first two BeiDou III satellites were successfully launched on Nov. 5, 2017. Eight BeiDou III satellites have been launched in Xichang, China. The BeiDou III navigation satellite system is plan to provide basic services to countries along the Belt and Road by launching 18 satellites around 2018, and achieve global coverage by 35 satellites around 2020. In addition to navigation services, the BeiDou III system also provide short message service, which can be used for telemetry of low orbit satellites. The telemetry system of low orbit satellite is designed based on the short message service of BeiDou III system. The onboard telemetry system consists of short message terminals and antennas. The terminal include power module, serial interface, short message processing module, and power amplifier module. The two-layer patches antenna is designed for the onboard telemetry system. Simulation results show that gain of the antenna is above -3 dBi in the field of 60 degrees. Simulation
results also show that time delay of the telemetry data is less than 1 minute. The link budget shows that the link margin is great than 3 dB.