P2EM.7 - Development of a Gas Sensor Device based on Optic Detection Principles

17th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors - IMCS 2018
2018-07-15 - 2018-07-19
Vienna, Austria
P-2 - Emerging Sensor Technologies
F. Checozzi, J. Vorobioff, N. Boggio, A. Fasciszewski, C. Rinaldi - CNEA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
759 - 760


In this work a sensor system was developed with the aim of measuring the composition of gases based on optical principles. For this purpose, the system is composed by a metal oxide thin film deposited on a glass substrate. Microfabrication techniques present in our facilities, such as photolithography and sputtering, were used. The glass substrate with the thin films was mounted in a closed chamber designed by our own, with controlled temperature and light sources. When gaseous samples are injected in the chamber, the adsorption of the sample on the thin films alters the spectrum of light absorption of the film. A photo-camera was positioned above the glass substrate in order to register the luminosity changes. In this way, changes in the intensity of the illuminated surface are produced. Then, the pixel pattern of the images, by illuminating the camera with the sensor, contains the desired information. Different image processing techniques and pattern recognition analysis were used to analyze the images. Tests were performed with mixtures of dry and wet air and CO2. The results obtained indicate that the sensor allows the separation of the analyzed samples.