P1NM.5 - Excellent Formic Acid Sensors Based on CuO Loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4 Hollow Nano-cubes

17th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors - IMCS 2018
2018-07-15 - 2018-07-19
Vienna, Austria
P-1 - Nanomaterials
Q. Xiang, N. Li, Z. Cheng, X. Wang, J. Xu - NEST Lab,Department of Chemistry, College of Science,Shanghai University, Shanghai (China)
586 - 587


Formic acid is a flammable substance, and gaseous formic acid is easy to cause human skin itching. An explosive mixture will form when formic acid vapor is mixed with air. It can cause an explosion once the mixture is exposed to open flame and high heat. In this article, ZnSn(OH)6 hollow nanocubes were prepared by a simple co-precipitation method, and then CuO loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4 were synthesized by impregnation and high temperature calcination method. FESEM and FETEM analysis demonstrate that the diameter of CuO loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4 hollow Nano-cube is about 700nm and the thickness of the hollow Nano-cube is 100nm. Gas-sensing properties of the CuO loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4 hollow Nano-cubes were tested and analyzed. The results indicated that this composite had a good response towards formic acid. At the same time, the optimal operating temperature, detectable concentration range, detection limit, and response recovery characteristics were evaluated. It was found that the gas-sensing properties of CuO loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4 hollow Nano-cubes on formic acid were significantly improved compared with SnO2/Zn2SnO4(named Z/S0) hollow Nano-cubes without CuO, and the gas sensitivity is highest when 1.0mol% CuO loaded SnO2/Zn2SnO4(named Z/S1.0) at best operating temperature 220 °C. This excellent gas-sensing enhancement is due to the special contact of CuO with SnO2/Zn2SnO4 hollow nano-cubes, such contact can provides hetero-junction between CuO and SnO2/Zn2SnO4. Therefore, the formation of hetero-junction is very responsible for enhancement of gas sensitivity.