3.3 Real Time Data Visualization in Telemetry Systems

ettc2020 - European Test and Telemetry Conference
2020-06-23 - 2020-06-25
Virtual Conference
3. Telemetry & Ground Systems
M. Ufelek, O. Yoruk, M. E. Cakici - Turkish Aerospace Inc., Ankara (Turkey)
107 - 112


It’s highly critical to acquire, store, evaluate and analyze accurate real-time telemetry data during a test flight. Flight Test Management Centers are designed and used for this purpose. However, the capacity of Flight Test Management Centers are limited and majority of design engineers could not attend the test flight. The need of an application that lets design engineers to monitor the ongoing flight test from their workspace has occurred. For that reason, a software has been developed for real-time data monitoring and extracting. On kick off of this project, two main objectives are aimed. The first one was to develop a smart sys-tem, which helps design engineers to monitor critical flight parameters in real-time. The second one was to prevent human faults with pre-defined caution/error indicators and make predictions by using data-driven algorithms.

The first phase of the project has determined as to gather data from flowing telemetry stream simulta-neously in real-time and to store critical parameters in a time series database. The second phase has determined as to visualize data in comprehensible and user-friendly dashboards by selecting proper widgets. The last phase includes developing data models by using machine learning algorithms to make predictions regarding to previously stored flight data.