B5.3 - A Novel Diagnostic- and Monitoring System for Technological Plasmas Based on the Concept of the Multipole Resonance Probe

AMA Conferences 2013
2013-05-14 - 2013-05-16
Proceedings SENSOR 2013
B5 - Measuring Technology
T. Styrnoll, R. Storch, M. Lapke, J. Oberrath, C. Schulz, P. Awakowicz, . Brinkmann, T. Mussenbrock, I. Rolfes - Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany)
273 - 278


Technological plasmas are inevitable in many industrial applications, especially for deposition of layers for high-precision optics or refining of surfaces. An outstanding part of current research is supervision and control of those plasma processes in an industrial environment. The multipole resonance probe (MRP) has already been proposed as a plasma diagnostic based on the idea of active resonance spectroscopy [1]. In this paper we present a complete system, which is able to generate spatially- and temporally resolved measurements with a resolution of about 1 mm and 20 ms, respectively. As can be seen within the theory of the MRP, the probe is insensitive to dielectric coating making it superior to other concepts, while fulfilling all requirements for an industry compatible diagnostic. Furthermore, it is based on a mathematical model, which leads to a very clear and fast analysis of measurement data.
Thus, the MRP detects drifts in a deposition process fast enough allowing it to be used for monitoring and controlling tasks. The system comprises the probe, a computer controlled mechanical unit for movability as well as a newly developed electronic measurement device leaving no need for any additional components. Due to the usage of self-designed components, the system features a very reasonable price in terms of financial footprint and upkeep. Several tests in a variety of different plasmas have proven the suitability of the system for common technological plasma applications.