A2.3 - Silicon based electrical biosensor technology for mobile diagnostics

AMA Conferences 2017
2017-05-30 - 2017-06-01
Nürnberg, Germany
Proceedings Sensor 2017
A2 - Biosensors I
L. Blohm, J. Albers, G. Piechotta, N. Nebling - Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology, Itzehoe (Germany)
55 - 59


The need for mobile diagnostics increases in particular with the changing requirements of the health market and its medical applications. It is of increasing importance that physicians or in future also patients are able to execute even complex analyzing tests at the point of care on their own. Therefore mobile analysis systems have to provide easy to handle and rapid tests with required sensitivity for related applications. Referring to this the silicon based biochip platform of the Fraunhofer ISIT is applicable for a wide range of immunological based tests to meet the needs of mobile diagnostics.

The fully automated biosensor system is able to run an analysis of e.g. a Hepatitis-C Virus (HCV) infection with only microliters of blood sample. The entire procedure from sample collection to result presentation takes just a few minutes, while a central laboratory needs approximately four hours for the same test. The system comprises a disposable cartridge equipped with fluidic structures and the integrated electrical biochip with a gold microelectrode array. Next to easy sample collection and automated sample dilution the “single electrode redox cycling” for amperometric signal amplification during electrochemical detection is an important method. The generation of the multi-parametric read-out of the results is performed by special electronics in a mobile diagnostic device, which also processes the required reagents by pumps and valves through the biochip cartridge. Overall the system combines micro system technology and modern methods of molecular biology to enable highly sophisticated biosensors to fulfil the requirements of the point-of-care diagnostics.