B4.3 - Optical Sensor system for 3D measurements on large gears

AMA Conferences 2017
2017-05-30 - 2017-06-01
Nürnberg, Germany
Proceedings Sensor 2017
B4 - Optical Measurement of Geometrical Quantities
M. Auerswald, A. von Freyberg, A. Fischer - University of Bremen (Germany)
227 - 232


Increasing demands require fast 3D geometric measurements of large gears with μm resolution, because detailed information regarding causes of geometrical deviations from the production process and the prediction of application properties, such as noise behavior, wear or material fatigue, are only possible by having accurate information about the gear geometry. As state of the art, pointwise tactile measurements are preferred, but the measurement rate is too low in particular for large gears. Optical sensors have the potential for fast multi-point measurements. However, the measurement at the convex and reflective surface of large metallic gears is challenging for optical sensor principles. For this purpose, a laser line triangulation sensor is investigated providing 1280 points at a line width of 25 mm with a depth resolution of 2 μm and up to 2000 lines/s. As a result, 2.56 million measurement points can be acquired per second when employing a scanning. Measurement results at the tooth of a large gear with 956 mm diameter, a height of 246 mm and a module of 10 mm demonstrate the applicability of the sensor for fast geometric measurements with a lateral resolution of 19.5 μm. The laser line triangulation is qualified for fast three-dimensional measurements of the convex and reflective surface of large gears. The high measurement rate of 37,333 measurement points per second has been successfully applied in an optical scanning method for the measurement of a complete tooth flank of a large gear. In comparison with a tactile reference measurement, the measurement deviation amounts 19.8 μm.