12.1 - Real Time Data Validation Embedded System for Flight Test Using Common Portable Devices

ettc2018 - European Test and Telemetry Conference
2018-06-26 - 2018-06-28
Nürnberg, Germany
12. Data Management Applications
A. Yoshimi Kusumoto, W. Lima, N. Leite - Instituto de Pesquisas e Ensaios em Voo (IPEV), São José dos Campos (Brazil)
279 - 284


The flight test data acquisition and data storage process require the integration of a dedicated Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) for gathering accurate measurement. In a given test flight are performed several test points, which validation requires strict compliance with various predetermined conditions
(e.g. 10s speed stabilization at 230kts ± 2kts @1σ). Furthermore, for several test flights the validation of a given test point carried out at the Fixed Telemetry Ground Station (FTGS) doesn't solve entirely the problem, because in some cases, the pilot needs additional information (e.g. Command forces), which are not displayed in the aircraft cockpit instruments, to control the execution of a given test point. For small aircraft (e.g. AT-29) there is no available space for FTI and data processing system installation and this precludes the integration of advanced crew information systems. However, the computing power grows of new mobile systems (e.g. Tablets) opens new horizons for the development of such advanced information systems. Therefore, the Instituto de Pesquisas e Ensaios em Voo (IPEV) developed and integrated an airborne ultra-compact information system to be used for real-time test flight managment and decision-making or test data processing, validation, displaying and data reduction analysis. Flight tests conducted by EFEV (i.e. Brazilian Flight Test School) 2017 class students were used to evaluate the software and the results were considered satisfactory.