1.3 Innovative Inertial Measurement Data Acquisition and Processing for Aircraft Surveying up to Airborne Gravimetry

ettc2020 - European Test and Telemetry Conference
2020-06-23 - 2020-06-25
Virtual Conference
1. Sensors
M. Hoss, A. Dreyer, E. L. von Hinueber - iMAR Navigation GmbH, St. Ingbert (Germany), R. Urli - Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH, Donauwörth (Germany), F. Lapeyrade - Airbus Operations S.A.S., Toulouse (France)
38 - 47


The paper presents the usage of modern strap-down inertial measurement systems with innovative signal processing within the wide range of applications from highly precise aircraft motion surveying and aircraft testing to airborne gravimetry. A unified hardware and software architecture is shown which allows covering quite different applications like vehicle testing or geodetic surveying with the same platform approach. High dynamics measuring capabilities as well as reliability and accuracy are key requirements for aircraft testing applications, while e.g. quite static flight conditions are the chal-lenge for the missions when determining the Earth’s gravity on micro-g level.

Between both applications, which are discussed in the paper, based on practical flight data obtained from a test mission of upgraded CH-53OBS and flight tests for aircraft certification of Airbus A350XWB (and other civil Airbus A/C types like A330neo, etc.), located for most of them over South of Europe, also flight missions from fighter aircraft up to supersonic missile navigation with similar systems of iMAR’s iNAT INS/GNSS family are presented as well as the usage of these systems on optical survey-ing pods for environmental monitoring tasks. Beside these applications, the impact of used inertial sensor technologies like MEMS, fibre-optic or ring-laser gyroscopes is explained. As a counterpart or in addition to airborne surveying with aircraft installed equipment, in the third sec-tion of the paper a new generation of ground-based aircraft trackers of type iIPSC-MSG with high-speed and IR cameras for surveying tasks is presented.