P1AP.15 - Intelligent control and monitoring system to improve security in nuclear power plants

17th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors - IMCS 2018
2018-07-15 - 2018-07-19
Vienna, Austria
P-1 - Applications of Chemical Sensors
J. Vorobioff, N. Boggio, F. Checozzi, C. Rinaldi - CNEA, San Martin (Argentina)
464 - 465


Many nuclear plants exceed their lifetimes, have obsolete security systems and cannot be considered failsafe. In this work the implementation of an intelligent system of telemetry and control is proposed to improve security at nuclear plants. These systems can be added to current systems or replace the existing ones. With simple remote sensing devices, low cost, easy installation and wireless communication or wiring, depending on the control area, security at nuclear plants can be improved. Remote devices, fixed and mobile, send information to a central computer with an intelligent control system. The mobile devices, using suitable algorithms will move and seek greater risk areas: high levels of radiation, high concentrations of contaminants or explosive gases, high temperatures, presence in prohibited zones, etc. Devices more sophisticated such as cameras and audio acquisition systems can also be implemented. The central computer will process the data using regression algorithms, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. These algorithms have intelligent learning, detecting risks and generating alerts in real time. The learning system interacts with the operator to establish optimum processing parameters, rejecting false alarms. Simple graphics were used to display the current state of the plant and trend graphs to predict accidents. Also, mobile devices may be carried by the operator, by a simple and small robot or by a conveyor belt. The devices will be strategically located in confined spaces and highly dangerous areas to monitor the machines. These implementations will reduce the risk of accidents and improve preventive maintenance of nuclear plants.