1.2.2 Design study for a multi-component transducer for wind turbine test benches

20. GMA/ITG-Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2019
2019-06-25 - 2019-06-26
Nürnberg, Germany
1.2 Mechanische Sensoren 1
J. Gnauert, G. Jacobs, S. Kock, D. Bosse, B. Janik - RWTH-Aachen (Deutschland)
65 - 69


This paper covers the design study of a multi-component transducer (MCT) for wind turbine test benches. The MCT will cover the characteristics of wind turbines in the performance class up to 6 MW. The motivation to develop such a MCT is to provide a satisfying accuracy in measurement of loads and moments in all six degrees of freedom, to reduce the uncertainty in the traceability of the drive train behavior due to the applied loads. Therefore, the estimation of the measurement uncertainty is significant to evaluate the design of the MCT. At the beginning, the design process of the MCT is shortly introduced. Afterwards, the strain gauges based transducer design is investigated under operational conditions (e.g. torque, and multiaxial loads) by using FE simulations to determine the crosstalk effects. Finally, the measurement uncertainties of all measurements are determined based on these FE simulations according to the type B evaluation of the GUM [1], including metrological aspects (e. g. linearity deviation and hysteresis) and the crosstalk. It can be shown that the MCT provides a high potential to significantly improve the measurement uncertainty of the applied wind loads on a wind turbine test bench.