3.4.2 Combination of laser topography measurements with 3D magnetic field mapping for permanent magnets, magnet assemblies and PM rotors

20. GMA/ITG-Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2019
2019-06-25 - 2019-06-26
Nürnberg, Germany
3.4 Magnetische Sensorik
K. Vervaeke - Magcam NV, Leuven (Belgien)
271 - 274


for very fast measurements of the magnetic field distribution of flat magnets, magnet assemblies and permanent magnet rotors, together with a measurement of the surface topography using a scanned laser triangulation sensor. This allows to correlate features in the measured magnetic field distribution with surface topography features. The integrated laser distance sensor allows to accurately measure the height, lateral dimensions and full surface map of magnets and magnet assemblies under test. These dimensional measurements complement the high accuracy magnetic field maps measured by the standard integrated 3D magnetic field camera, used for very fast and accurate magnetic field mapping of permanent magnets and magnet assemblies. Both maps can be overlaid, resulting in a correlation between geometric and magnetic data. Applications of such correlation include magnet height variations as well as lateral positioning errors in magnetic assemblies, surface shape effects, rotor eccentricity in PM rotors etc. The scanner is controlled by Magcam's powerful MagScope software, which automatically steers the motorized slides performs the measurements and analyzes the resulting data using powerful algorithms. The new Combi Scanner is an allround magnetic and dimensional measurement and analysis solution for inspection of permanent magnets, magnet assemblies and PM rotors for use in R&D labs, QC divisions and production lines and for various applications, such as automotive sensor systems, electric motors, medical devices, consumer electronics and magnet production.