Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P1.1 - Low-Cost Vital Data Monitoring with Integrated Inertial Based Person Tracking E. Günes, M. Haid, M. Nickel, T. Chobtrong - Competence Center for Applied Sensor Systems (CCASS), Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P1.2 - A Fluorometric Bio-Sniffer (Biochemical Gas Sensor) with UV-LED for Monitoring Gaseous Formaldehyde K. Mitsubayashi, G. Itabashi, D. Takahashi, T. Arakawa, H. Kudo - Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Japan), T. Gessei - Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (Japan)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P1.3 - Immune-Enzymatig Biosensors Based on the Oxide Cerium Isfets: Some Physical and Functional Characteristics at the Determination of Simazine and T2-Mycotoxin N. Starodub - , National University of Life and Environ¬mental Sciences, Kiev (Ukraine), A. Shmiryeva - Kiev National Technical University (Ukraine)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.1 - Multi-Sensory Machine Diagnosis on Security Printing Machines with Two Layer Conflict Solving K. Voth, S. Glock, U. Mönks, V. Lohweg - Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Science, Lemgo (Germany), T. Türke - KBA-GIORI S.A., Lausanne (Switzerland)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.3 - High Speed Measurement with EtherCAT and PC Based Condition Monitoring P. Dresselhaus - Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Verl (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.4 - Climate Chamber for a High Temperature Stability M. Kühnel, F. Hilbrunner, T. Fröhlich - Technische Universität Ilmenau (Germany), K. Lieberherr - Lieberherr AG, Hefenhofen (Switzerland)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.5 - High-Precision Online Sensor Condition Monitoring of Industrial Oils in Service for the Early Detection of Contami¬nation and Chemical Aging M. Mauntz - cmc Instruments GmbH, Eschborn, U. Kuipers - University of Applied Science Südwestfalen, Hagen, J. Gegner - Universität Siegen (Germany)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.6 - Platinum Resistance Thermometer with Metrological Self-Check Y. Baksheeva, K. Sapozhnikava, R. Taymanov - All-Russia D.I. Mendeleyey Scientific and Research, St. Petersburg (Russia)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P2.7 - Model Based Condition Monitoring for Reciprocating Aircraft Engines A. Mair - BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG, Gunskirchen (Austria), T. Thurner - Graz University of Technology (Austria)
SENSOR+TEST Conferences 2011 P3.1 - Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor Weakly Sensitive to Magnetic Field V. Borblik, Y. Shwarts, M. Shwarts - Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kyiv (Ukraine), I. Rudney - International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Wroclaw (Poland)