P1.9.2 A Micro Gas Chromatography System for VOCs Gas Mixtures Analysis

14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors - IMCS 2012
2012-05-20 - 2012-05-23
Nürnberg/Nuremberg, Germany
P1.9 Technology and Application
J. Sun, D. Cui, X. Chen, L. Zhang, H. Li, H. Cai - State key laboratory of transducer technology, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
1155 - 1158


In this paper, we introduced a micro gas chromatography (GC) system, which integrated a micro GC column and a micro thermal conductivity detector (µTCD). The micro GC column with a high aspect ratio channel was integrated some micro-heaters which were placed on the surface and back of the micro GC column. These micro heaters can quickly enhance the temperature of the micro GC column with a ratio of 40/min, and the temperature can reach 140 in 4 minutes, therefore, the integrated micro GC column can greatly improve the separation speed and performance. The µTCD with fourfilament thermal conductivity cell was proposed, and the dead volume of the thermal conductivity detector was almost zero because of the thermal conductivity cell and flow channel with a streamlined structure. From the separation experiment, the micro-GC system can rapidly detect the benzene, toluene and styrene with a sample concentration of 500 ppm, and the detection limit of the chromatographic system can be close to a few ppm. This micro-detection system can be widely used in environmental monitoring, food safety, fault diagnosis of transformer and other applications.