Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SMSI 2020 P3.1 Blockchain platforms as solution for a secure data trans-fer and a secure payment system From sensor supplier to service provider M. Haid, I. Boyaci, J. Biswas, N. Berezowski - CCASS University Darmstadt, Darmstadt (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.2 Adaptable System for Diagnosing Sensor Faults for Application on Engine Test Benches W. Wohlthan, G. Pirker - LEC GmbH, Graz (Austria)
SMSI 2020 P3.3 Safety Sensor Applications with Graphical Programming N. Berezowski, M. Haid, J. Biswas, I. Boyaci - University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Darmstadt (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.4 Fracture Detection of Bearings in Long-Term Measurements Using a Feature-Based CUSUM Algorithm A. Beering, A. Zitnikov, K. Krieger - University of Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.5 Inductive Communication and Localization of Wireless Sensors in Photoreactors D. Demetz, A. Sutor - Institute of Measurement and Sensor Technology, UMIT – Private University, Hall in Tirol (Austria)
SMSI 2020 P3.6 Indirect geometry measurement method for in situ application in laser chemical machining M. Mikulewitsch, D. Stöbener, A. Fischer - University of Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.7 Experimental set-up for sensors evaluation in a controlled environment A. Bescond, F. Gaie-Levrel, L. Bregonzio-Rozier, T. Macé - Laboratoire National de Métrologie et des Essais, Paris Cedex (France)
SMSI 2020 P3.8 Form and Mid-Spatial-Frequency Measurement of Unknown Freeform Surfaces T. Binkele, D. Hilbig, M. Essameldin, T. Henning, F. Fleischmann - University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.9 FEM Model of a Tactile Sensor Based on Inductance Measurements and Magnetosensitive Elastomer S. Gast, K. Zimmermann - University of Technology, Ilmenau (Germany)
SMSI 2020 P3.10 Photonic Measurement System for Load Detection in a Neuro Interventional Training Model S. Shojaei Khatouni, L. Rennpferdt, H. Trieu - Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg (Germany)