Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
SMSI 2021 A6.1 Full Stress Tensor Measurement by Photoelasticity in Silicon M. Stoehr, S. Schoenfelder - University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Leipzig (Germany), G. Gerlach - Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden (Germany), T. Härtling - Fraunhofer Institute IKTS, Dresden (Germany)
SMSI 2021 A6.2 Adding Seebeck Coefficient Measurements to an Existing High Temperature Device for Hall Constant and Electrical Conductivity Measurements R. Werner, J. Kita, R. Moos - University Bayreuth, Bayreuth (Germany), M. Gollner, F. Linseis - Linseis Thermal Analysis, Selb (Germany)
SMSI 2021 A6.3 Epitaxial Graphene on SiC: A Versatile Sensing Platform for High Sensitivity Applications M. Rodner - Saarland University, Saarbrücken (Germany), D. Puglisi, A. Zilli, J. Eriksson - Linköping University, Linköping (Sweden)