Available documents

Event Title Author(s)
AMA Conferences 2015 P9.1 - Low Cost Microwave Total Power Radiometer Sensor for Industrail Applications R. Hadi, C. Sandhagen, A. Bangert - University of Kassel, Kassel (Germany), B. Jungstand, A. Göller - hf sensor GmbH, Leipzig (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2015 P9.2 - Fast and Efficient Dual-Forecasting Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks F. Strakosch, F. Derbel - Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig (Germany)
AMA Conferences 2015 P9.3 - Sensors with SOI FET Primary Transducer and Frequency Output A. Leonov, A. Malykh, V. Mordkovich - Institute of microelectronics technology and high purity materials RAS, Chernogolovka, Moscow region (Russia), M. Pavlyuk - JSC “ICC Milandr”, Moscow, Zelenograd (Russia)